FILES - Welcome Letter for New Members

In addition to the Etiquette file, a Welcome Letter is a great file to send your new members upon membership approval.

Here are a few examples you can use for your files regarding Welcome Letters for your new members. Simply copy and paste... and feel free to edit as necessary!

***Replace all XXX references with your local group name***

Example #1 - Welcome Letter

Hello and Welcome! Thank you for joining the XXX ReUseIt group.

First off, please remember the following:

ReUseIt is...
- about keeping things out of the landfill.
- about sharing an item that retains usefulness.
- about clearing out our unused clutter.
- about COMMUNITY.

ReUseIt is not...
- a charity.
- a lending closet.
- a free-for-all.
- a means to get as much free stuff as you can.
- a way to get more stuff to sell, EBAY, or auction.
- a way to keep from taking your broken items to the dump if that's where they really belong.

We ask that you read the Etiquette File. It has some very important information to make our group run smoothly.

All members must demonstrate an understanding of the rules before being taken off moderated status. Posts from members who disregard these rules will be placed back on moderation.

Subject must be in one of the following formats:

OFFER: Item(s) General Location (when you have something to give)
TAKEN: Item(s) General Location (when they are gone)
WANTED: Item(s) General Location (No more than XXX per week/month, please)
RECEIVED: Item(s) General Location (Only once you have gotten what you asked for, Not as a reply to an offer)

Personal comments and general chitchat are not allowed on the list. If you have a question, comment or concern, please email the group owners and moderators directly at

We welcome any questions you may have. Thanks again for joining!

Your XXX ReUseIt Moderators

Example #2 - Welcome Letter

Hello NewReUseIt Member!

Welcome to ReUseIt for XXX ( URL).

To start sending messages to members of this group, simply send an email to

To unsubscribe send an email to

NOTE: Check out our Web site,, for info on other cities, etc. You will also receive an additional e-mail about Guidelines and Etiquette. Give it a good read so you know how this group operates.

Have fun & thanks for taking the time to ReUseIt!

Your XXX ReUseIt Moderators