Tips to Organize All of the New EMails You Are Getting:

a) CREATE A SEPARATE EMAIL FOLDER & AUTOMATICALLY HAVE REUSEIT MAIL FILTERED INTO IT. Create a separate folder in your Outlook Express & have ReUseIt email sent to it automatically with a new rule under tools/message rules/mail/

b) SET TO "DAILY DIGEST" OR "SPECIAL NOTICES" (which means you'll just browse the messages online). Realize that you can set your personal preferences on the main page (under "Edit My Membership" in the top left corner).

IMPORTANT: THERE IS A TIME LAG FOR CHANGES: Whenever a user changes settings, there is an overlap from the time it takes for Yahoo to process the change, until emails in the queue waiting to go out to the users are delivered. In other words, in the six hours it takes for Yahoo to permanently stop the emails from coming, there are emails already set up to go out, and will continue to go out until the queue is emptied. (Some people have reported this taking up to three days.) So please don't email the moderators with comments like, 'I changed my settings/unsubscribed yesterday, why am I still getting emails?' Just be patient, and all should be well. Don't make more than one change at a time (each additional change adds on another day of wait). If you encounter further problems, you might want to consult the Yahoo! Groups help pages.

DELETE YOUR OWN “OOPS” POSTS. Just so you know, you CAN delete your own posts for any reason (for example, if someone's taken the item you offered, or if you've received the item you wanted, or if you posted something by mistake). Go back to your original post and bring it into view on the screen. Right under the Messages bar, where it reads:

Reply/Forward/View Source/Unwrap Lines/Delete

Click on 'Delete.' That should do it. (Note, though, that deleting a post won't prevent it from showing up in the next digest for those with digest options, or remove it from the archives)

Thank you for taking the time out to ReUseIt!