FILES - Email Delivery Options

Sometimes your members will need to change their mail options. If your membership requires "Special Notices" as a minimum setting, you can use these examples to inform and remind your members of their settings. Simply copy and paste, and feel free to edit as necessary!

***Replace all XXX references with your local group name***

Example #1 - Mail Delivery Options

Dear ReUseIt Newbie,

When you sign up for XXX ReUseIt at Yahoo! Groups, there are a few e-mail options available to you.

First is individual e-mail, which is just that. You get every single email that comes through the list.

Second is Daily Digest. This takes 25 individual emails and condenses them into a single e-mail. One downfall to this option is you may miss an item you want.

Third is Special Notices. This means you go to Yahoo! Groups and log into the Houston list to see the messages.

In order to change your settings, YOU have to log into your Yahoo! Groups account and change the settings yourself. At a minimum, we request you have Special Notices set to your account. This ensures that any ADMIN announcements are sent to you. Sometimes we have the need to make important announcements regarding the group so we have set this rule as a minimum requirement. The XXX ReUseIt Moderators reserve the right to make changes as necessary to enforce this rule.

Thank you,
Your XXX ReUseIt Moderators

Example #2 - Mail Delivery Options - On Site Instructions

It looks like you are set to receive individual emails. To change your option to Daily Digest (so all the emails will be put together up into a nice neat single package once per day) here's what you do:

First, log into XXX ReUseIt. On the top of the page you will see the big red YAHOO! logo and beneath that, your name. Next to your name there is a link that reads "edit membership". This takes you to the page that allows you to change your method of message delivery, format and e-mail notification.

For message delivery, you may choose one of the following:

1) individual e-mail
2) daily digest
3) special notice
4) no email

As a minimum, we request that you at least keep the Special Notices option. This will give you no mail except for Special Notices initiated by group mods, mostly to keep in touch about special issues. To receive a condensed version of all daily posts, click on Daily Digest. As always, don't forget to click SAVE CHANGES at the bottom of the page. That does it!

Email one of your moderators if you have questions!

Thank you,

Your XXX-ReUseIt Moderators

Example #3 - Mail Delivery Options - Via Email

(Not only can you change your email settings by directly signing on to the group, you can also change them via email! Just substitute the XXX for your FULL group name - enjoy!)

To change your mail delivery settings via email, the following instructions have been provided:

To change to daily digest (a good use of this is for high volume groups), send an email to:

To change to no mail (a good use of this option is for for vacations and extended absences), send an email to:

To change to individual emails, send an email to:

Email one of your ReUseIt moderators if you have questions!

Thank you,

Your XXX-ReUseIt Moderators

Example #4 - Mail Delivery Options - All Options + Unsubscribe

If you have a Yahoo account, you can change your method of e-mail delivery online. Go to:

Click on your group(s) home page. Your member ID and Yahoo email address appears in the upper left hand corner of the page. Click the link beside it that says "Edit Membership". This takes you to the page that allows you to change your method of message delivery, format, and email notification.

For message delivery choose one of the following:

1) individual e-mail – you will receive each and every mail message
2) daily digest – this condenses all messages in a single digest version for the day (or in batches of 25 mail messages)
3) special notice – you will receive special email notices only, which are sent by the group administrators - used judiciously and sparingly
4) no e-mail** - prevents you from receiving group members' posts and moderators' notices – you must read all email directly from the site

** Note - some groups require the Special Notices as a minimum. Please check with your local group guidelines for clarification **

Don't forget to "Save Changes" before leaving the page!

If you truly want to unsubscribe, there is a link on the same page that reads "Leave Group". Click on that and you will be removed from the group. Please allow up to 72 hours for all mail to stop being sent. Yahoo can be a little slow to disengage.

If you do not have a Yahoo account, you can send an email address to:

If any of these methods for leaving the group do not work, send us an email response and we'll remove you outright. Thank you.

Your XXX-ReUseIt Moderators